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Extinction: Episode 4 Exodus Intro1:01 Extinction: Episode 4 Exodus Intro 04.09.20140 Extinction: Episode 3 Awakening Outro0:54 Extinction: Episode 3 Awakening Outro 03.09.20140 Nemesis DLC Pack Preview4:18 Nemesis DLC Pack Preview 01.08.20140 Customization Items Trailer #41:17 Customization Items Trailer #4 01.07.20140 Extinction: Mayday Outro Episode 21:02 Extinction: Mayday Outro Episode 2 06.06.20140 Favela Map Preview1:35 Favela Map Preview 02.06.20140 Departed Map Preview1:41 Departed Map Preview 02.06.20140 Mutiny Map Preview1:17 Mutiny Map Preview 02.06.20140 Pharaoh Map Preview1:59 Pharaoh Map Preview 31.05.20141 Invasion DLC Trailer2:28 Invasion DLC Trailer 30.05.20140 Customization Items Trailer #31:15 Customization Items Trailer #3 23.04.20140 Extinction: Episode 2 Mayday Trailer1:54 Extinction: Episode 2 Mayday Trailer 02.04.20140 Devastation Gameplay Trailer2:49 Devastation Gameplay Trailer 31.03.20144 Devastation DLC Pack Preview4:39 Devastation DLC Pack Preview 07.03.20140 Customization Items Trailer #21:08 Customization Items Trailer #2 05.03.20140 Customization Items Trailer1:26 Customization Items Trailer 20.02.20140 Onslaught DLC - NEW Maverick Gun1:09 Onslaught DLC - NEW Maverick Gun 28.01.20140 Onslaught DLC - NEW Maps3:03 Onslaught DLC - NEW Maps 28.01.20140 Extinction: Episode 1 Nightfall Trailer2:13 Extinction: Episode 1 Nightfall Trailer 23.01.20140 Onslaught Trailer - "CODnapped"4:50 Onslaught Trailer - "CODnapped" 22.01.20140 Onslaught DLC Pack Preview4:23 Onslaught DLC Pack Preview 14.01.20142 Season Pass Trailer1:31 Season Pass Trailer 20.12.20130 Видеообзор от Gamer-Info8:56 Видеообзор от Gamer-Info 13.11.20131 Gameplay Accolades Video1:04 Gameplay Accolades Video 08.11.20130 Live-Action Trailer - "Epic Night Out"1:44 Live-Action Trailer - "Epic Night Out" 03.11.20139 Extinction Mode - First Contact Trailer2:16 Extinction Mode - First Contact Trailer 02.11.20130 Free Fall Gameplay Trailer1:45 Free Fall Gameplay Trailer 31.10.20131 Extinction Demonstration8:09 Extinction Demonstration 30.10.20133 Extinction Reveal Trailer2:13 Extinction Reveal Trailer 28.10.20131 Gameplay Launch Trailer1:12 Gameplay Launch Trailer 21.10.201310 Clans Trailer1:56 Clans Trailer 10.10.20131 Squads Trailer2:50 Squads Trailer 03.10.20132 CoD CE Unboxing4:00 CoD CE Unboxing 30.09.20130 Single Player Campaign Trailer2:43 Single Player Campaign Trailer 10.09.20137 Free Fall Downloadable Bonus Map Preview Video1:38 Free Fall Downloadable Bonus Map Preview Video 31.08.20130 Multiplayer Behind the Scenes6:33 Multiplayer Behind the Scenes 20.08.20132 Global Multiplayer Reveal56:52 Global Multiplayer Reveal 15.08.20130 Collector's Edition Trailer2:01 Collector's Edition Trailer 15.08.20130 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer3:05 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer 14.08.201315 Multiplayer Reveal Event Tune-In0:36 Multiplayer Reveal Event Tune-In 09.08.20130 Tech Trailer2:41 Tech Trailer 10.06.20134 Gameplay: Underwater Mission - Into The Deep5:54 Gameplay: Underwater Mission - Into The Deep 09.06.20130 Gameplay: Dog Mission - No Man's Land5:26 Gameplay: Dog Mission - No Man's Land 09.06.20133 All Access Gameplay27:50 All Access Gameplay 09.06.20138 Tech Comparison Video2:42 Tech Comparison Video 23.05.20139 Preview Video4:35 Preview Video 21.05.201312 Reveal Trailer2:26 Reveal Trailer 21.05.201312 Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer1:25 Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer 01.05.201327