Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - видео

Homeland DLC Trailer1:18 Homeland DLC Trailer 07.10.20132 Видеообзор от Gamer-Info9:04 Видеообзор от Gamer-Info 05.09.20133 Launch Trailer2:06 Launch Trailer 14.08.20130 100 Ways to Play4:58 100 Ways to Play 13.08.20130 Sea Fort Co-Op mission walkthrough9:21 Sea Fort Co-Op mission walkthrough 12.08.20131 Blacklist 101 Trailer7:15 Blacklist 101 Trailer 09.08.20133 Threat Trailer2:37 Threat Trailer 05.08.20133 Ghost, Panther & Assault Trailer2:40 Ghost, Panther & Assault Trailer 24.07.20133 Become What They Fear Most1:58 Become What They Fear Most 18.07.20130 Collector's Edition Unboxing5:06 Collector's Edition Unboxing 12.07.20130 Fuel Trailer (E3 demo)5:47 Fuel Trailer (E3 demo) 08.07.20133 Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer2:40 Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer 28.06.20130 The Blacklist Begins - E3 20131:56 The Blacklist Begins - E3 2013 11.06.20130 Co-op ComDev Video2:50 Co-op ComDev Video 23.05.20131 Co-Op Trailer2:08 Co-Op Trailer 20.05.20130 Spies vs. Mercs - Old Meets New3:51 Spies vs. Mercs - Old Meets New 07.05.20130 Spies vs. Mercs Trailer2:13 Spies vs. Mercs Trailer 03.05.20131 WiiU Trailer1:20 WiiU Trailer 23.04.20131 Abilities Trailer2:41 Abilities Trailer 15.04.20135 The Fifth Freedom Collectors Edition1:21 The Fifth Freedom Collectors Edition 10.04.20130 The Fifth Freedom Collector's Edition Unboxing1:21 The Fifth Freedom Collector's Edition Unboxing 09.04.20130 Developer Tour: "Abandoned Mill"8:37 Developer Tour: "Abandoned Mill" 22.03.20136 Night Vision Demonstration1:07 Night Vision Demonstration 14.03.20130 Flying High with the C-147B Paladin Aircraft1:20 Flying High with the C-147B Paladin Aircraft 23.02.20130 Eurogamer Gameplay Preview5:11 Eurogamer Gameplay Preview 31.01.20133 Paladin Takes Flight1:37 Paladin Takes Flight 31.01.20131 Collector's Edition1:30 Collector's Edition 26.01.20131 Трейлер открытия1:53 Трейлер открытия 16.01.20136 ComDev Q&A #3 - Economy System1:42 ComDev Q&A #3 - Economy System 10.01.20130 ComDev - Art Direction2:54 ComDev - Art Direction 14.12.20120 Non-Lethal Variety2:53 Non-Lethal Variety 30.11.20126 The Man Behind The Combat6:57 The Man Behind The Combat 23.11.20120 First Look: Closer Than Ever1:06 First Look: Closer Than Ever 13.11.20122 The Fifth Freedom Trailer2:11 The Fifth Freedom Trailer 25.09.20120 4th Echelon Logo Debrief1:57 4th Echelon Logo Debrief 25.09.20121 Ghost Play Through7:18 Ghost Play Through 31.08.20126 Extended Walkthrough10:34 Extended Walkthrough 17.08.201210 ComDev Q&A #22:42 ComDev Q&A #2 02.08.20120 ComDev Q&A #12:47 ComDev Q&A #1 23.07.20121 Pop-up Trailer3:19 Pop-up Trailer 18.07.20127 30 Sec. CGI Trailer0:30 30 Sec. CGI Trailer 12.06.20124 Michael Ironside & Eric Johnson3:10 Michael Ironside & Eric Johnson 05.06.20122 Sam Fisher's Gear1:07 Sam Fisher's Gear 05.06.20125 World Premiere Trailer2:17 World Premiere Trailer 05.06.20128 First Gameplay Demo6:25 First Gameplay Demo 04.06.201213